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7 Ways To Get A Better Price For Your House

While there are a lot of steps and major decisions you need to make to sell your house, be sure to start on the right foot by creatively thinking about the staging process. Home staging will make your house look its best — potentially making it sell more easily and at a higher price.


Cleaning, removing clutter, depersonalizing, providing neutral paint colours, completing minor renovations, getting greenery inside, and optimizing curb appeal are some basic and simple steps to staging your home to sell. Let's take a look at these steps to see how will can maximize the appeal of your home to potential buyers.


Clean Your Home


The first, most basic step to get your home staged is to make it sparkling clean. We 're not even talking about spring cleaning here — we 're talking about eat-off-the-floor, wipe-down-the-floorboards, squeaky clean-the-carpets. Clear any cobwebs from the corners, dust the fans on the ceiling, and attack that crusty fridge.

Pay special attention to any lingering odours if you have pets — this is sure to turn off potential buyers. Buy a wall plug-in with a clean, but not overpowering, the scent after deep cleaning to keep pet smells off. And make sure to tuck away before an open house or reveal every sign of your animals — this includes pet bowls, litter boxes, or dog beds.


Not only can a good deep cleaning come across well in your picture collection. In your open house, it shows prospective customers that you take good care of your home — and not only when it comes to washing, but also general home maintenance.


Declutter Your Home


By decluttering your home, you 're going to make the space look a lot bigger — and sell space. Not only will you want to edit your living spaces down to the bare minimum, but also pay special attention to wardrobes and storage rooms. A good thumb rule is to keep a third of all warehouse spaces empty. Visitors to your open house will open your closets in search of big, deep storage space and you're not going to be disappointed.


Now is also a perfect time to start purging for your step — you'll have to do it for some time! Go through your things, channel your inner Marie Kondo, and give away any useful items you haven't been using in the past year. If you are a family and can't just take yourself along with them, family up the extra things and store them in a friends' home or storage unit until your home is under contract. Show off the room of your home-not your garbage!


Depersonalise Items In Your Home


Potential customers want to be able to picture themselves in your house when you advertise privately on domain.com.au, and with your family pictures on the wall or your set of bottle openers in the china hutch, they can not do that. Clear out as many of your personal belongings as you can so buyers can get started with a clean slate. Which includes something in your refrigerator or nightstand. If they are minimal, tasteful, and don't add too much personality you can leave a few key items.


Use Neutral Paint Colours


You'll want to tone down the colours of your walls for the same purpose that you want to depersonalize the room. If your home has any bold colours, consider repainting them with a neutral colour. While this will take a little bit of time, it will get a major payoff. A new buyer may not love the bright colour style, but when they move in, they won't want to need to repaint immediately. And you'll build the look of a blank canvas for the new buyer by using neutral paint colours.

Make Small Repairs


Before investing too much money on major repairs, check with your real estate agent to see if the return on higher purchase price is worth the expense. However, repairs or upgrades under a few hundred dollars are usually worth doing before you even list your home. These little touches cost little but can make all the difference. Do a tour of your home and list any things that someone visiting your open house may see as an eyesore. Then estimate the cost of remedying the issue, and complete the repair if it makes sense.


Small repairs with major payoffs before you advertise privately on realestate.com.au can include new cabinet pulls for an ageing kitchen, a fresh coat of paint on a dingy wall, or a new carpet remnant in a well-loved playroom. After buying your house, you are searching for simple items that a new home buyer won't want to add to their immediate to-do list.


Add Some Greenery


Some strategically positioned bright flowers or potted green plants can bring life to your home. Don't go overboard and add to the clutter, but consider a few healthy plants in important areas. By spacing them out well and making sure they are meticulously cared for, you'll show potential buyers you've taken care of the home (just like the deep cleaning, decluttering, and minor repairs you've done).


Maximize The Street Appeal


First impressions are all that, particularly when it comes to selling your home. Drive with a future buyer's eyes by your home and try to imagine how they will interpret that. Depending on the season make sure the lawn is freshly mown or free of fall leaves. Sellers often overlook the exteriors of a home. Get rid of any clutter sitting outside, like lawn decorations, toys for kids, or empty containers.

Remove any seasonal decorations from your front door, consider washing your steps with power and throw down a new doormat. You want to set the stage for your open house guests to see themselves in your home and this begins with a clear, clean entrance.