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Selling Your Own Home: How Long Does It Take?

For home sellers, a big question is how long it will take to sell their home. There's no way to say for sure without a crystal ball that sees the future, but we have the real estate timeline for selling your home to give you an idea. Check out this below.


You could be timing the sale so that it finishes when you buy another home before you close. You could be moving out of state for a new job, and selling your home before you go. Regardless, knowing what to expect on time would be nice.


A home selling involves so many variables that every move can delay the process. Even to get an idea, you should look at averages. Working with a real estate agent can help keep your sales on schedule as well.


Let's walk through the steps, discussing how long each can take.


Preparing Your Home


The first step when using the sell my house strategy is getting your home ready for sale. Depending on your home state, the time this will take will differ dramatically.

Home Reparations


Unless your home is in excellent condition, a thorough cleaning is all it would require. If you weren't as diligent with home maintenance, you might need to do some repairs.


The amount of free time you have to complete the DIY projects can be reduced. If you're under a time crunch or you're too large or complex to handle the tasks, hiring a company might be worth the cost.


Street Appeal


You have to make a good impression on the buyers for as little as three seconds. Those three seconds occur long before they walk the ramp. This means that you can not forget the outside of your home.

Look to the outside. Could the landscaping freshen up a little? The siding maybe could do with a fresh paint coat. Extras like colourful flowers are inexpensive in window boxes and make the cake ideal for icing.


Switch Back


Start moving out now, especially if there's lots of stuff stored in the back room. Clutter gives no favourable impact. Plus, starting now would make the process much easier.


Quality Photographs


Once you have cleaned your house, it is time to build marketing materials for your sell my home marketing campaign. Professional photo listings sell about 32 percent faster so photography is a must.

Overall, the amount of time you'll need to prepare for your home can vary a bit. Expect anywhere between 10 days and 45 days on average. Just know that if your home needs a lot of fixing up first it can take much longer.


Listing Your Home


Some homes will obtain a bid in hours or days, others will take weeks or even months. Considering the current average days on the market in your region is the best indicator. A good local real estate agent will be able to give you that number off their head.


How fast your home will sell can be affected by many factors. Including:

List price

The home’s condition
The Marketing Action
The house is ready for showing
Talk to your agent about the best plan for the quickest possible sale of your home. Note, selling quickly is beneficial not only by saving money but also because homes selling for less are remaining on the market.